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A quick, personal message:  The training sessions, events and resources we’re constantly creating for you (see below) are all about  helping you sharpen your real estate investing ax, plain and simple. No games, no gimmicks, no joke.

The fact is, I’m a real estate investor myself, and I’m just as sick as you are of fluffy, over-hyped investor “education” that’s often ridiculously overpriced and sadly lackluster at best in what it delivers (Bleh…)

I run shop at REIology by the same core values I ran our local REIA group:  Integrity, authenticity, fun, and over-delivering immense value.  And I personally guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll get from any of the crazy awesome stuff you consume here.  I proudly stand behind each and every training personally, and I’m positive you’ll be absolutely thrilled with all you’ll get and everything you’ll learn.

So rest assured we’re one of the “good guys”.  🙂  That said, if anything here scratches an itch you’ve got, we’re tickled pink to be able to help you!  Enjoy…

Recommended Crazy Awesome Stuff from REIology

REI Deal Evaluation Intensive

More Coming Soon!

10 Responses to “Training”

  1. It’s interesting that someone can make all those offers but I wouldn’t have the earnest money to give them if the deal fell trough. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Gloria. I’m just now seeing your comment here. Honestly I’m not sure exactly what you’re referencing. Maybe a specific training? Can you be more specific with your question please? Thanks!

  2. Looking forward in being an inner circle member of REIology.
    JP provides great stuff & real value
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  3. JP, All 5 episodes are awesome content. You out did yourself! I look forward to further trainings. Thanks

  4. Your stuff if always awesome I always seem to get a great nugget of gold every time I have paid attention to you. I would like to see more on creating your business utilizing all virtual assistants, VA’s



  5. Hey everybody,
    New to the site but super stoked to learn more about real estate investing. I currently rent but am really wanting to get my primary residence taken care of then move into a vacation spot at arrowhead or bigbear then start accumulating rentals until I reach a monthly income of $100K from my portfolio. Ultimately, this will take place over the next ten years so I’m excited to get going. Currently, I have fair credit and am looking for a lease-option in Orange County with a 2yr term. I should easily be able to get financing within 2yrs for purchase but maybe even 1 yr. ANY tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. My wife is a beach girl, so anyplace within a few miles of the beach would be exceptional. Feel free to shoot me straight if this is unrealistic. This is just my wish list.

  6. Robert DeFratis Reply May 4, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Hey JP,

    I am an inner circle member, and enjoy all the podcasts you are doing!

    I learn so much from every guest you have on, really.

    I especially liked the “setting goals” podcasts!!!

    I’m still trying to figure out how to comment on i tunes.

    Keep up the great work !


  7. JP,

    I just joined the Inner Circle. How do I go about finding information on how to find buyers for multifamily (>100 unit apts) props? Thanks. Great stuff here, sir.

  8. Hey guys! I recently started listening to your podcasts and LOVE the content. I am a long-time RE investor of 10 years with 14 single-family rental properties in my home state of PA. However, I am totally new to wholesaling. Other than the usual tension of doing something new, I’m very excited to add wholesaling to my business, making my business model more multi-dimensional. I’m sure once I get 2-3 wholesale deals under my belt I’ll be off and running. Ultimately, my goal is to get up to 20 rent houses and continue to flip enough to generate $20K per month in income. Looking forward to listening to you guys on future podcasts! Thanks a million of all the incredible info you share!

  9. Hey JP, fantasmagorical site and podcasts!!! I’m a new listener, & love the content . . . I have a challenge for you.

    I’m guessing mostly your listeners are from the USA, but I’m from waaaayyyy outside of “American Dream”-land, so how about interviewing someone who’s managed to successfully invest in the USA from the far-off regions of the planet?

    It’s not a subject I’ve heard other podcast-ers tackle effectively – yet! Be the first!

    Carry on the with great work!
    (PS: Can I be the first member of the fan club?)