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Investing in Student HoustingHey kids, what time is it? It’s podcast time!

Been a long time, I know. My bad. Been super busy.

Anyways in this episode we’re going to dig into the often overlooked, opportunity-rich niche (hey, fun rhyme!) of investing in cash flow student housing.

In fact, we’re going all in, with a full-on crash course on the topic. And to guide us I’ve invited a good friend who happens to know student housing like Tiger Woods knows golf.

It All Started One Night When I Was Homeless…

That’s right, I first met Doug Fath when I was homeless one night and nice-guy-Doug felt sorry for me and let me stay in his hotel room for a night. (It’s a funny story…you’ll hear it in the episode.)

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this guy in the next bed (yes, there were two beds) was a freaking ninja at investing in student housing rentals. Doug has a list of accolades a mile long (see further down below) but the most relevant for today is his “sweet tooth” for the uniquely enticing student housing niche.

Truth be told, Doug’s kind of become the defacto go-to guy when it comes to investing in cash flow student housing. Which brings me to today’s episode…

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The Fundamentals: What are the “best practices” for defining an ideal student housing investment?
  • Reasons Why: What really makes student housing such an awesome investment?
  • Mischief Managed: Do your students trash the place? What about ‘Animal House’? High tenant turn-over? Doug’s got straight answers.
  • Ideal Market: How to analyze the best markets for student housing investments.
  • Ideal Property: Doug’s exact criteria he looks for in an ideal student housing investment.
  • Perfect Analysis: How Doug can tell in 60 seconds whether he wants a student housing deal (and at what price)
  • The Sweet Spot: The ideal point of entry for newer investors getting into the student housing game.
  • Doug’s Sneaky Tricks: Doug’s ‘Magic Lease’ trick, how he makes sure his students always pay their rent, he he screens them (and their parents), etc.
  • Investing Principles: What are Doug’s? (And what should yours be?)
  • Doug’s 3 Best: Ways he finds the perfect student tenants (and how to know which ones to run away from)
  • And a whole lot more…

Also, Doug was kind enough to give our Insider Members the exact Cash Flow Deal Analysis tool he created and uses himself to size up his deals. Make sure you’re logged in, and you’ll see where you can download it below.

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Meet Mr. Investing in Student Housing Himself…

doug fath investing in cash flow In addition to being the guy to know when it comes to investing in student housing, Doug’s the founder and CEO of a real estate investment company with a multi-million portfolio, and the creator of Wealthy Passion Corporation, a company that helps generate income through entrepreneurship and investing.

(I’m exhausted already.) This young, serial entrepreneur and investor from Philly also:

  • Started four companies (and sold two of them) before he even graduated from New York University with his Business degree…
  • Was also named to the Empact 100 list of Top Young Entrepreneurs in the United States and was recognized for this award at the White House…

Impressed yet? Wait, there’s more…

  • He’s also winner of the 2004 Bank of America Entrepreneurship Award…
  • And has been featured and interviewed by ABC News, NBC News, The NYU Report, the Philadelphia Daily News, and Bloomberg TV.

I know, right?!?

Stuff Mentioned in This Episode

  • More: Investing in Cash Flow (Add’l training from Doug)
  • Cash Flow Analysis Tool: The one Doug uses himself (Inner Circle only – see below)
  • How-To: A video of Doug demonstrating the tool ( (Inner Circle only – see below)

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