REI 016 » 7 Sneaky Little Foreclosure Getting Tricks

jamel gibbs reoHaving a tough time landing those smoking foreclosure deals you enjoyed back in the day?

Wondering if you’re not missing something? Like an REO loophole, or secret stash of leftover shadow inventory laying around?

Then you’re going to love this.

Today we’re going to uncover 7 sneaky little foreclosure-getting tricks most people are clueless about, poured right into your ear holes straight from the mouth of my friend and flipping ninja Jamel Gibbs.

Wait, hang on a sec… Before we get too far in here, I guess I should say…

The Podcasts are Back!

Yes, it’s been a minute (OK, nearly a year) nice we posted our last episode.

What can I say? Business took a bump up, and things started hopping. I got busy. Like busier than a one-armed man hanging wall paper. Or busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. You get the picture.

But that was then, and this is now. And now I’m thrilled to have this fresh, crazy awesome podcast for you that I think you’re really gonna love.

Who’s this Jamel Guy?

Jamel GibbsSimply put, Jamel’s a player.

Seriously. This guy’s a deal maker to the nth degree who eats, breathes and lives real estate investing like few others…

  • You’ll find him extremely active in multiple markets at a time,
  • Wholesaling, rehabbing, retailing, renting for cash flow, and any/all manner of creative deal making.
  • He keeps his active deal pipeline flowing to the tune of 5-7 deals a month,
  • and commonly earns in excess of six figures a month from his deals.

So yeah, the guy’s done about every kind of deal you can imagine…but more than anything, he’s a machine of a property flipper. He’s got a truly inspiring rags-to-riches story, an infectious enthusiasm, and more than a decade of experience in the REI trenches notched on his belt.

So pay attention, he knows his stuff.

What You’ll Learn…

I’m not going to spoil this for you – this conversation was unscripted, authentic, and off the cuff (just the way I like it) and there are a lot of juicy takeaways waiting for you inside. Such as…

  • Like a Glove: Specifically how he’s changed this business to fit the current real estate market
  • Secret Stash: How Jamel uncovers his very best deals today
  • Bloody Good: Jamel’s “Tapping the Capillary” trick
  • Pounce: The REO “Sneak Attack” trick
  • Prance: The “Work Horse” trick (step by step game plan)
  • Copy This: The “Retire Early & Wealthy” plan
  • Wholesalers: Why you should always get an offer
  • Attack: Why he considers himself an “aggressive” investor (and what it’s done for him)
  • 4 Questions: The exact questions he asks his cash buyers

And a whole bunch more…

Bottom line, Jamel’s a true go-getter with a fresh perspective and seemingly endless arsenal of fresh ideas and energy, dealmaking tactics and strategies that the market is hungry for. You might want to be ready to take some notes on this one.

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2 Responses to “REI 016 » 7 Sneaky Little Foreclosure Getting Tricks”

  1. Nice podcast, can’t wait for the 2nd part to be relased. I really enjoyed the part about how Jamel on every 4th deal cashes out and buys and holds a property.

    Great business model if someone wants to follow this. I need to put this into practice and start investing some cash form my deals back into cash flow property.


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