REI 014 » Anatomy of a "Remote Control" Real Estate Investor

Remote Control Real Estate Investing. You're Doing It Wrong.

Time for another awesome podcast, yo.

In today’s episode, we’ll get up close and personal with a real life “remote control” real estate investor. Said another way, a guy who lives in one place, but actively (and yes, profitably) invests someplace else entirely.

Now this is a hot topic.

You’ll meet Justin who’s basically cracked his own code on how to flip properties in Cali while lounging beachside with his family in Panama.

(Yes, the one in Central America)

Meet the Sharp Do-er

Justin and I actually met a few years ago in Vegas at an REI event we were both attending. I was immediately impressed because this guy’s a do-er, not just a thinker. He’s also smart as a tack, and super great at finding ways to leverage other people in his business rather than doing it all himself.

He’s lived all over God’s creation, from Washing D.C. to PA to Vancouver to San Diego…and most recently in Panama. All the while, actively running (and profitably handsomely from) his real estate flipping operations…mostly doing deals in San Diego and a little in Phoenix right now.

Justin Lee Winning

Ha, sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

How does he pull it all off? Well that’s exactly what I cornered him in this episode to find out.

We’ve also got a couple of really cool and useful giveaways for you in this episode too (keep reading).

We’ll Uncover…

  • Back Story: How he got started, and what did his REI biz look like before going “remote”?
  • Evolution: How and why he evolved from a “normal” real estate investing into doing deals remotely.
  • Model: What’s your specific remote investing model?
  • Pitfalls: What’s the hardest part about investing here while living abroad?
  • Bumps: What challenges has he faced so far and how’s he dealt with them?
  • Winning: What makes it work so well for you?
  • Secret Weapon: Learn exactly how he’s leveraging unpaid interns to do 90% of the work in his real estate investing business
  • Pros/Cons: Interns vs. VAs
  • Perspective: What does it really take to make going “remote” work well?

Bottom line, we’re going to crack this guy open together and look inside and uncover what it takes to run a thriving, profitable real estate investing business in the US while living in a foreign country for 4 months out of the year.

As always, we’re entirely unscripted, and I extracted every bit of awesomeness I could out of his little mind for you. If you’re tittilated by the prospect of doing deals in other markets — or heck, just doing deals while traveling abroad — then you’ll love this episode.

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REI 014 »  Anatomy of a Remote Control Real Estate Investor

Stuff Mentioned in This Episode

  • Justin’s Report: 101 Ways An Intern Can Triple Your Real Estate Investing Business
  • List: Top 25 Intern Job Submission Sites (see Inner Circle resources below)
  • Docs: Unpaid Internship Understanding of Agreement (Every intern signs it – paid their $400/hr attorney to create) (see Inner Circle resources below)
  • Video: Watch Intern Ben Close a Deal Remotely for Justin:

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3 Responses to “REI 014 » Anatomy of a "Remote Control" Real Estate Investor”

  1. Thanks for the podcast. I live in europe and tried virtual investing back in 2004 – with disastrous results. Knowledge and experiences of this kind can be invaluable in setting things up the right way to work in the US. I just love the intern idea.

    keep it up.



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