REI 013 » Dissecting the Quick-Turn Leasing Cash Machine {REI 2.0}

Quick Turn LeasingToday I’m thrilled to bring you another groundbreaking episode of “REI 2.0 – Business Models that Crush” – and this time we’ll get an inside-out look at a brilliant new real estate investing method I’ve just stumbled upon: Quick-Turn Leasing

And this, my friends, happens to be one of the coolest, quick-cash real estate tricks I’ve never heard of before now.

So this is where I get the chance to crack open and explore someone’s unique real estate investing business model. Something I truly love doing, especially a new, innovative and/or ground-breaking biz model that’s really crushing it in this market.

The deal is, I recently stumbled upon two of my friends who’ve been doing this pretty much under the radar up to now. But once they explained it to me, I knew I wanted to do a podcast about it.

What You’ll Learn…

I won’t spoil the fun for you – you should just listen to the whole episode, and prepare to learn a ton when you do. You’ll discover how and why…

  • These are some of the easiest deals you can do right now…
  • You can easily implement it alongside whatever else you’re focusing on…
  • It requires no cash, no credit, no experience, no license, no major learning curve…
  • And maybe best of all, you can literally outsource the whole thing (which is exactly what these guys are doing)

I’ve flat out never heard of anyone else doing this……and when you listen in, you’ll be impressed at just how wide open the opportunity for this is right now. Really incredible, and I think you’re going to love getting the chance to not only unveil what Todd and Joe have cooked up, but also seeing how you can easily duplicate it yourself.

I even got these cats to agree to record a special video “crash course” for you about this! (Inner Circle members only, see below)

Listen Now


Podcast Video

About Joe McCall and Todd Toback

  • Joe McCall - Quick Turn LeasingJoe comes to us from the great city of St. Louis, MO
  • Joe’s also one of our REIology faculty members (and one of my key players in our DEI training)
  • Joe’s also the mad scientist behind Wholesaling Lease Options Academy
  • Todd’s a Viagra rep turned Exec sales mgr turned creative real estate gunslinger
  • Todd lives in SAN FREAKIN’ DIEGO
  • Joe calls Todd his “Creative Genius Friend”
  • Todd Toback - Quick Turn LeasingTodd is actually one of the guys that got Joe started in this business 3-4 years ago
  • BOTH of these guys are very active with boots on the ground doing deals right now in today’s market

Stuff Mentioned in This Episode

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19 Responses to “REI 013 » Dissecting the Quick-Turn Leasing Cash Machine {REI 2.0}”

  1. When you expects the best! JP delivers the Best!

  2. “I don’t always leave comments on articles… but when I do, its well deserved.”

    I’m writing this feedback before I even read the article. Cracked up at the graphic about the most interesting man on earth!


  3. Awesome info. We are incorporating the QTL system into our biz as well.

    I always got a ton of FRBO leads saying they didn’t want to sell (lease option). I hated throwing away all those leads.

    So this is the perfect companion for those leads.

    Thanks again JP for going out of your way to provide the newest & “bestest” content for investors!

    Jay von Mohr
    Mohr Equity

  4. Great info!

  5. Ok, so I listened to the PODCast. I have to admit, this is a really new idea to me. But, after dissecting it, what you area really doing is racing against the agents who are making a living doing this. They have their own marketing and are targeting the same FRBO’s that you are.

    Having said that, if you already have a marketing wheel that’s generating these leads ANYWAY and you want to monetize on it, it seems like a great idea.

    Great thinking though. I like it. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Hey, Daniel. I hear ya. It could be a little competition with some agents who are positioning themselves similarly. But also, agents are in competition with each other. And investors are in competition with each other. It’s just business, ya know? And so long as you’re running your operation with integrity and bringing authentic value to everyone involved, I wouldn’t shy away from it just because it might take some biz from someone else. that’s my thought anyway.

      And like you said, especially if you’re already generating FRBO leads for your REI biz, this is a no brainer ad-on.

      Thanks for commenting, Daniel!

  6. it never stops…more good stuff. this is a perfect fit for what I am looking for….time to take some action, thanks again!

  7. Hey JP! Love all the info in your podcasts and blog!!

    When will the videos be available for the QTL? And do you think we can get a sample contract or would we have to buy their product. Not that it would be a bad thing and it’s a great price!!

    Keep up the great work!! Many thanks from Austin Texas!
    Eric B

    • Hi, Eric — thanks! I’ve been out of town on urgent family business for the last 7 days, so I’m pretty behind on stuff. They already sent me the promised crash course videos. I just need a couple days to get caught up so I can post them for you. I’ll send out an email to let everyone know when I’ve got them posted, but it shouldn’t be too long…a few days at best. Regarding the forms, I don’t honestly know what they’ll include in the crash course. It’s possible verbiage may be covered there. If not, it will be in their regular course, which (like you said) is very reasonably priced. Thanks for listening and leaving a comment!

  8. Great podcast. Could you share the verbage of what the option to lease would look like in your “forms” section?

    • Hi, Dan – thanks! I can’t put those forms in my forms section, as they belong to Joe and Todd. I’ll have their promised crash course videos posted for you shortly though — it’s possible they may give the verbiage in there. We’ll have to see. Otherwise it will be in their regular course material. Thanks for listening and commenting!

  9. Is there any update on when this will be up?
    I’ve been looking forward to it since the podcast. I am a huge fan of Joe and Todd and this podcast was a awesome compilation of the minds.

    • Yes, I’m sorry Vincent. Very soon. I’ve been tied up with family stuff, but before the weekend’s out I’ll have it posted for you! Thanks for the nudge 😉

  10. Great info, JP. Thanks for the podcasts.

    I’m wondering what size market it would take to make a couple of these deals really come together. I’m not in a rural area, but probably around 20k population. What do you think the availability of deals would be?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi, Benjamin. Thanks for listening and commenting! Any answer I give you here will only be conjecture. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try. But my gut feeling is, if you have people renting houses in your market, then you probably have a viable enough market to profit from this model. Just my guess. I’m in Memphis, which has over a million, so it’s hard for me to compare really.