REI 007 » The “Reverse Sneak Attack” Revealed {REI 2.0}

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Today I’m thrilled to debut a new type of podcast I’ll be calling “REI 2.0 – Business Models that Crush”.

One of my favorite things is having the chance to crack open and explore someone’s unique real estate investing business model.  Especially when I get to unravel a new, innovative and/or ground-breaking biz model that’s really crushing it in this market (hence the name).

So in this episode we’ll dissect one of the coolest, simplest new REI business models I’ve seen in a long time.  There seems to be very, very little competition in this little niche (because frankly hardly anyone’s even heard of it from what I can tell, myself included).

And thanks to this, the profit potential is…well…noteworthy.  (I’ll admit…I’m smitten.)

What You’ll Learn

  • How Cody got started and went from 2 crappy deals…to 1-2 good deals/month…
    to 15-20 deals a month…
  • How to profit big from short sales without actually doing them
  • Exactly what the “Reverse Sneak Attack” model really is, and how it’s done step-by-step
  • How a “dead deal” accidentally invented it,
  • Average profits, timeline, and the key players involved,
  • Why it’s a total win/win/win type deal for everyone involved,
  • How to duplicate this model in another market,
  • What the risk factors are, and how to mitigate them,
  • Important lessons learned along the way,
  • And a whole bunch more.  You should really love this one.

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Meet…My Doppleganger?

I don’t know, what do you think…do we look alike?  That’s what Steve Cook says anyways.

So this is Cody.  And behind that boyish grin, turns out he’s a total freaking ninja real estate investing dealmaker.  But ah, things weren’t always so rosey, grasshopper…

This is a guy who basically started out sitting at his laptop in his girlfriends kitchen, trying to wholesale properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together. After some tough lessons learned (by totally blowing his dad’s money on his first 2 deals) he picked himself up again, learned from his painful mistakes, and over the next few years happily flipped around 250 deals worth around $45M or so. Not too shabby.

Cody’s done fix-n-flips, foreclosures / REO’s, multi-family…but by far the lion’s share of his success has been in short sales and (now) from his new “reverse sneak attack” strategy (NOT short sales), which totally kicks butt IMHO and which we’ll dissect together in this episode. He’s also a super nice guy, the total real deal, and not too shabby looking if I do say so myself.

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2 Responses to “REI 007 » The “Reverse Sneak Attack” Revealed {REI 2.0}”

  1. Hey you know Cody looks a lot like Giants catcher Buster Posey.

    I also want to say, thank you. This was amazing information. And I for one am going to run with it. I’m new to investing and this sounds like the ideal situation for me. I have a background as a Loan Officer and have a close connection with one of the leading short sale Realtors in my town. I’ll be getting touch with Cody very soon.

    • Awesome, Stephen! Thanks for tuning in and leaving some feedback. It was indeed a solid podcast with Cody. And I’ve been through his material…good stuff. Thanks for commenting!