REI 006 » How to Assemble Your REI Dream Team Part 2

Today’s episode is continues my conversation with Jack Sternberg, as we walk through some practical steps of how to find, interview and select the essential members of your real estate dream team.

Every investor needs to rely on the help of solid industry pros as key players on your REI team.  Folks like insurance agents, tax pros, home inspectors, contractors, handymen, an investor-friendly title company, a real estate attorney, and yes, even a real estate agent or two. 😉

Our conversation in this episode is all about arming you with the insight you’ll need to be able to find, filter and zero in on the right members for your own personal real estate dream team.

If you missed part 1 of our chat, you should listen to this first…  Otherwise, jump right into part two…

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Meet the “Obi Wan” of Real Estate Investing

So why do we call Jack Sternberg the “Obi Wan” of real estate investing?  Could it be his track record of 37 years in the business? Could it be the thousands (literally) of successful transactions under his belt, totaling somewhere north of $750 million, and covering about every type of creative real estate deal you can imagine?

The fact is, there are few folks on the planet with more experience, a greater depth and breadth of knowledge, or who are more respected by industry peers than my buddy Jack.  Over the years we’ve had the good fortune of becoming fast friends, he’s one of my most trusted mentors, and I’m just proud as punch to be able to share him with you in this episode.  Oh, and he also happens to be the Publisher of the “NoteWorthy Newsletter”, the oldest (25 years) and largest Newsletter in the private money and owner financed mortgage industry.

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6 Responses to “REI 006 » How to Assemble Your REI Dream Team Part 2”

  1. And, he makes a mean CANCEROUS steak too. That had to be one of the grossest, yet funniest lunch stories I have ever heard. Jack is a machine.

    • Ah, man….you just made my stomach turn. (You just have this way of making my stomach turn 🙂 ) You’re right, that’s quite a story. I should totally make sure Jack tells that one next time I have him on. BLEH!

  2. I just signed up and am enjoying what I see so far except for the add that keeps popping up at the bottom of the page. I already signed up for it, that’s why I’m here so why does it keep showing it’s self each time I click on a new site?

    • Yeah, you’re right. It’s only supposed to show up once per user, but obviously that’s not working cause I get it every time I visit a page too and it’s bugging the snot out of me also! 🙂 So I just turned it off. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Kel Jackson

    Great podcast. As usual, it is chocked full of good advice and tips.

    I’m breaking into wholesaling in my local market, and these podcasts have been absolutely indispensable. Each one is a golden nugget.

    So thanks for another great edition. I’ll be waiting for the podcast to pop up on my Blackberry. Keep up the good work!