REI 005 » How to Assemble Your REI Dream Team Part 1

In today’s episode we’ll walk through some practical steps of how to find, interview and select the essential members of your real estate dream team.  Boom!

Whether you’re brand spanking newbie or you’ve been doing real estate deals for decades – the fact is every investor needs the help of knowledgeable professionals you can rely on as key players on your REI team.

Your “Dream Team” Should Include…

  • Insurance agents…
  • Tax professionals…
  • Home inspectors…
  • Contractors…
  • Handymen…
  • Title company…
  • Real estate attorney…
  • Realtors, etc…

These are key pros you’ll need in your real estate endeavors, and they are most certainly not all created equal. So how do you find, filter and zero in on the right members for your own personal real estate dream team? Well that’s exactly what we’ll tackle in today’s episode. And to help us out I’ve invited my good friend and mentor Jack Sternberg to join us.

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Meet the “Obi Wan” of Real Estate Investing

So why do we call Jack Sternberg the “Obi Wan” of real estate investing?  Could it be his track record of 37 years in the business? Could it be the thousands (literally) of successful transactions under his belt, totaling somewhere north of $750 million, and covering about every type of creative real estate deal you can imagine?

The fact is, there are few folks on the planet with more experience, a greater depth and breadth of knowledge, or who are more respected by industry peers than my buddy Jack.  Over the years we’ve had the good fortune of becoming fast friends, he’s one of my most trusted mentors, and I’m just proud as punch to be able to share him with you in this episode.  Oh, and he also happens to be the Publisher of the “NoteWorthy Newsletter”, the oldest (25 years) and largest Newsletter in the private money and owner financed mortgage industry.

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6 Responses to “REI 005 » How to Assemble Your REI Dream Team Part 1”

  1. JP Thank you for the wealth of information that’s presented here.   The “How to assemble toy REI Dream Team” is extremely helpful to me because I’m a newbie and knowing and understanding how to pull together a good team is vital to me.

    Looking forward to more great information.


  2. Awesome content, thank you

  3. JP, All 5 episodes are awesome content. You out did yourself! I look forward to further trainings. Thanks

  4. Hi, JP
    I’ve recently found you through a young lady by the name of Steph. Apparently she was going on a Florida vacation and gave your page for us to check out. Best thing ever, I have learned so much after visiting your site. I am a so called, (NEWBIE), if you will, I am looking forward to shooting out my Thousand Probate leads from MD and looking to find qualified buyers. I was wondering, who would be the best buyers to shoot then out to?
    Inquiring minds wanna know, any advise?

    Mpls, MN

    • Hi, Ronda. The “best buyer” is determined by what kind of deal you have for them. In this business, you can either start with targeting a certain group of buyers (rehabbers, landlords, retail buyers of a certain demographic, etc.) and then find deals that match what they’re looking for, and pair them up….OR you can find great deals, then find the right buyer who’s looking for a deal like this.

      So honestly it’s too broad a question to answer simply. The real answer to the question as you’ve asked it is “it depends”. I know that’s not what you’re looking for, but it’s the honest truth.


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