REI 004 » Super Sexy REI Mortgage Market Update

In this episode of Real Estate Investing Simplified we’re focusing in like a laser on the mortgage arena…and specifically how it relates to us as real estate investors.

We’ll unwrap the most current, need-to-know intel on financing for investors who need it to buy properties…and for those of us flipping houses, we’ll cover key factors on financing for our retail buyers.

And listen…you need to have your mind wrapped around where things are with this right now. It matters.  It matters no matter what investment niche you’re in, wholesaler, retailer, note flipper, underwater basket weaver…whatever.  So tune in, listen up and take notes, yo.

Super Sexy Stuff You’ll Learn in This Episode…

  • Investor Financing: What kinds of loans can we still get these days?
  • Got hoops?  How easy/hard are they to qualify for?
  • Current guidelines for seasoning, credit scores, LTVs, down payments, etc.
  • Deals 1-4 vs. deals 5-10 vs. all the rest
  • Cash-Out Refi – Still viable for investors today?  If so, how?
  • What about financing LLC’s?
  • How important is documenting repairs for rehabs?
  • Retail Financing: What are the best loans for investors to connect our retail buyers with?
  • Who’s our biggest pool of viable buyers today?
  • Who’s actually financable anymore? (Specifically)
  • What’s the state of commercial financing right now?
  • Other hidden “gotchas” you must know today, or else

Bottom Line: This is all about putting our finger on the pulse of what’s going on RIGHT NOW…and things are changing daily, so it’s more critical than ever before that you keep abreast of the latest if you’re playing ball in a way that engages financing.

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A Word About Jason Palliser

Jason’s a mortgage guy in St. Louis for 17+ years who’s done somewhere north of 3,000 investor loans all across the nation. So he’s a freakin’ investor loan machine, and I dare you to find someone more experienced or who knows more about this topic.  Basically he’s the guy the bankers come to every week when THEY need to know what can be done for investor financing. He’s also co-founder of the REI BlackBook – a super cool, deal maker engine type thing for investment real estate that’s too hard to describe adequately here. But trust me, it’s way cool and you should check it out for yourself. Also he’s got a bit of O.C.D. that we all love teasing him about. Oh, and he’s an REIology faculty member.

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6 Responses to “REI 004 » Super Sexy REI Mortgage Market Update”

  1. JP, All 5 episodes are awesome content. You out did yourself! I look forward to further trainings. Thanks

  2. JP; This was a very informative session. I want to verify to any people questioning this process that the techniques you guys mentioned work well. I went to a Rich Dad seminar a few months ago and after that weekend I spent a week doing credit repair and my credit score jumped from 680 to 750 within a month. Thank you for doing these podcasts. They are Awesome.

    Jesse Poll

  3. Hi JP,
    I’ve listened to all first four podcasts, and I can tell you, they are mind blowing in quality info. I just love the fact that you’re interviewing the people from the field and talk about different styles and kinds of RE investing.
    This one on lending (in Feb 2012) is my favorite. But I learned a lot from the prior podcasts on JV partnerships and cheap houses investing in Memphis.
    Thank you so much. I like the fact that there is no fluff here.

  4. Hi JP,

    First off, love the podcasts. I just recently joined and the podcasts help me understand the basics and even more! I’m very appreciative for what your doing and spreading the word about Real Estate. All the podcasts are easily to follow.

    I just listened to this podcast and was very interested in the separae/private session you referenced. Is that still available? I didn’t see anything in the Inner Circle section.


    • Hi, JJ – thanks for tuning in! It was a great session with Jason. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what private session you’re referring to. Can you refresh my memory with some specifics from what you recall? Thanks.