REI 003 » Anatomy of a Turnkey Rental Flipper

In this episode of Real Estate Investing Simplified we take an up-close and personal look at the anatomy of a turnkey rental flipper.

What You’ll Learn…

You’ll enjoy an eye opening, off-the-cuff conversation with a long-time local investor friend of mine named Chris, who’s carved out a tidy profit stream for himself by buying junker houses, renovating them into solid, turnkey renal properties, then selling them to a special little pool of hungry “buy and hold” investors.

In our time together we cracked open his business and dissected how he discovered the niche, how and why it works so well for him, and how you can duplicate it if you want to.  We talk about what kind of deals he goes for, what numbers he needs to see, who his buyers are, etc.

The Facts Are…

Rents are up today, rent demand is higher than ever before, and more and more people are waking up to the crazy awesome, once in a lifetime chance we’ve had handed to us on a silver platter right now…

  • For hungry, buy-and-hold investors on the sidelines (many from outside the U.S.) who are tantalized by the super strong cash flows and crazy high ROIs, and eager to lay down some green scooping up tasty deal after deal…
  • And for rehabbers in the trenches (like my buddy) to cash big in by spoon feeding them awesome turnkey deal after turnkey deal.

So if you want a good, long look behind the curtain of a real-life, successful “turnkey rental flipping” business, then this episode’s for you.

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Stuff Mentioned in This Episode

  • Sample Flyer for Turnkey Deal (see below)
  • Update: I’ve had a few folks reach out after hearing my conversation with Chris, fascinating by his model and asking to be put on his real estate buyers list. If you’re interested in the kind of quality, turnkey deals Chris crafts, just let me know and I’ll gladly put you in contact with him.

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7 Responses to “REI 003 » Anatomy of a Turnkey Rental Flipper”

  1. JP, All 5 episodes are awesome content. You out did yourself! I look forward to further trainings. Thanks

  2. JP, very informative and practical stuff! Continue with all sincerity (truth) and success will not evade you!

  3. Hi JP and Chris, This was a great session! JP, I have listened to a few of your podcasts and intend to dedicate myself to start from the beginning, and soak up as much knowledge as possible. My question regarding this post follows: Does this model work for new investors who want to just get a hold of Cash flowing properties and finance the deals through local banks or the Seller?

    • Hi, Carl – thanks for tuning in! To answer your question…YES! Except I don’t believe Chris offers seller financing for his turnkey rentals… But I’m sure it could be done if the seller is amenable to it. If you’re looking for cash flow properties, turnkeys can be a great option. Feel free to touch base with Chris directly if you like. You can reach him through his website.

  4. J.P. — enjoyed the podcast.

    * Does Chris continue to manage these properties after selling them?
    * What property management system is used to track results and generate ongoing reports for the buyers?
    * Is Chris able to get pre-listed REO’s from the high-volume REO agents?
    * Is Chris an agent? Why or why not?
    * What is the % breakdown of property sources: MLS/agents, wholesalers, direct mailings to motivated sellers, other?

    Thanks! David Beard


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