REI 002 » The Power of Strategic Partnerships Part 2

In this episode of Real Estate Investing Simplified, we continue our riveting conversation with Shaun McCloskey exploring creative, outside the box ways to leverage JV partnerships in your real estate investing endeavors.  It’s all about crafty ways to make more money by doing less, and focusing on what you really love and are good at.

In part 1 of our conversation, we wrapped our minds around the first 2 (of 4) specific JV Partnership tactics:

» the “private money switcheroo” trick
» and the “Sensei JV” trick

We also discussed why “good debt” is a lie, how to never have to borrow money for deals ever again, and how to avoid the huge but common mistake of “doing everything right” only to create a business that owns you and controls your life.

In Part Two, We’ll Unwrap…

  • “The Lazy Boy” trick
  • The “Marrying the Machine” trick
  • Exactly how Shaun’s partner crafted a highly profitable short sale business in only 1/hr week
  • 4 key features to a Joint Venture Partnership
  • 3 important Q’s to ask in determining fair partner splits
  • And more

Bottom Line: This is all about learning how to creatively earn more income in less time with less hassle this year.  If this interests you, then you’re gonna LOVE these two episodes. You can listen to part 1 here or…

Listen to Part 2 Now



A Tiny Little Bit about Shaun (Swan)

Having notched over 300 real estate deals since 2003 (mostly flips), the man’s not only a wildly successful real estate investor, but he’s also one of my bestest friends on the planet.  And when you listen in, you’ll know exactly why one of our mutual friends calls him the “Tony Robbins of Real Estate Investing” – the guys’ just got a clear and present passion for helping people break through barriers and move toward success.  And he’s super great at it.  And he’s also one of our REIology faculty members.

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3 Responses to “REI 002 » The Power of Strategic Partnerships Part 2”

  1. JP, All 5 episodes are awesome content. You out did yourself! I look forward to further trainings. Thanks

  2. JP…You have done it again…Ive only listened to the first 2 episodes so far but these were gold! Shuan is a “think out of the box” guru! Looking forward to the rest…