Welcome New DEI Member

Hey You, Welcome!

Hey !  Congratulations on being a part of the REI Deal Evaluation Intensive.  You’ve made a great decision, and I hope you’re ready to start enjoying the assurance and security of confidently analyzing profitable deals in this market.

A Quick Word From JP:

3 Things For You: 

Thing #1: Check your Email!  Right Now Please!  🙂

Any minute now you’ll find 3 things in your inbox…

A) Email #1 – A transaction receipt for your purchase (keep this)
B) Email #2 – A personal welcome (from yours truly)
C) Email #3 – Your REIology user/pass (if you just now set one up) ***

If you don’t see any one of these emails, please check your spam/junk mail – it’s likely there.  Also, you might want to white-list our email address, which is contactus [at] reiology [dot] com.

*** Please note that if you’ were already a member of REIology.com at some other level (Inner Circle, or something else) then you should have been invited to login here with your EXISTING username/password, and you’ll find the REI Deal Evaluation added to your existing member assets.  You should really only have/need one single login to REIology.

Thing #2: A Word of Warning

One huge mistake so many of are guilty of making is investing in ourselves with some continuing education like this, but then letting it “sit on the shelf” so to speak.  Don’t make that mistake again!

The content I’ve carefully assembled here for you will help you tremendously, and can be an enormous asset to you in your real estate endeavors.

But truth be told, it’s all on you from this point to make sure you set aside the time to take this in, learn from it, and apply it.  I’ve led you to the refreshing, sparkling water…but you’ve got to be the one to drink it.

Ready to start gulping?  Then let me share with you…

Thing #3: How to Ideally Consume This

In my opinion the best, most systematic way to make sure you get all you can out of this training is to:

  • Start here first…
  • Then go through all the core sessions, one by one…
  • Then each of the bonus sessions after that…
  • Take good notes and check off each session as you go along (so you know where you left off)
  • Put it on your calendar (or it’s not real)
  • Pace yourself and don’t get overwhelmed! Try and schedule to go through it all within the next 1-2 weeks (rather than all at once)
Now get cracking!